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About Dream Nagd

About Us

We find Dream Egyptians abroad to hire a company specializing in the recruitment of the most talented and the best elements of human cadres carefully selected after good experiences and evaluate the scientific and practical competencies through specialized committees of the various disciplines.

Our goal as a company we hire to provide excellent services in a transparent and clear in the area of ​​employment, and also to facilitate the handling and the communication between the employer and job seekers abroad.

Our mission is to help both employers and job seekers in achieving the desire of both of them in a constant search for the best that we remain at the forefront and always providing the best service and as soon as possible.

Why Dream Nagd?

Long experience in the field of employment made ​​us attract the best researchers to work.

Large database in all Department of work.

We have the ability to select and evaluate applicants for job applicants doth the suitability of their abilities and their experience and qualifications of the nature of the work by consultants and experts in the field.

What characterizes a Dream Nagd?

Characterized by the diversity of its sources in the search for the best human resources and so by:

         - Search through the electronic database in the company

         - Participate in various career fairs.

         - Publication of advertisements in local newspapers.

         - Representatives of the company in all the governorates of Egypt.

         - company website

         - Marketing visits to work sites

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